CSCS in Glasgow

The CSCS (the Construction Skills Certification Scheme) provides an industry wide standard of competence for all building trades in Glasgow. CSCS in Glasgow awards colour coded CSCS Cards to construction workers in the city, which denote the skill level they have achieved plus the fact that they have passed the relevant CSCS Health and Safety Test for their trade and position.

The CSCS Card in Glasgow

To work in the city, all construction employees need a CSCS Card in Glasgow. The CSCS Card acts as evidence that you have achieved all the qualifications and accreditations you need to work at the relevant level. Your Card is evidence that you have the proper Health and Safety knowledge for your job (as shown by a passing mark in the CSCS Test in Glasgow); and that you have a Level of Construction NVQ commensurate with the role you intend to fulfil.

The CSCS Card in Glasgow is available in five basic worker’s colours: Red (Trainee); Green (Basic Site Skills); Blue (Skilled Worker); Gold (Highly Skilled Worker or Supervisor); and Black (Manager).

The CSCS Test in Glasgow

The CSCS Test in Glasgow measures your standard of Health and Safety awareness. It is a pre-requisite for possessing a CSCS Card. Your CSCS Card is endorsed with a CSCS hologram, which proves that you have passed the correct CSCS Test in Glasgow for your trade and the job you perform within that trade.

The CSCS Test takes different forms deepening on your trade and your job. Make sure you book the right CSCS Test in Glasgow: you will need it before you can successfully apply for your CSCS Card. If you need help selecting the correct Test to book, just ask one of our friendly customer services team who can be reached on 0203 051 1004.

The Construction NVQ in Glasgow

In order to prove your current level of competence and on the job skills, you will need to take a Construction NVQ in Glasgow. The Construction NVQ is a measure of how long you have been working in your trade, and what level of skill you have attained in it. The NVQ is split into Levels with each Level representing a trade-wide standard of learning and achievement.

Your CSCS Card is colour coded to match the Levels of Construction NVQ in Glasgow. If you don’t have the right colour CSCS Card for your NVQ Level, you won’t get the jobs you are looking for on Glasgow construction sites.